Chris Finn is an Australian personal trainer who has been doing individual and group training since 2013, and has been living and working in New York City since November 2014.  Chris is a nationally certified trainer in both Australia and the United States, having gained his NASM CPT qualification immediately upon arrival in the US. He also obtained his kettlebell certification through Strong First, the kettlebell industry leaders, in December of 2015. During his work at Equinox Rockefeller Center, Chris attended the Equinox Fitness Training Institute for both the Tier 2 and Tier 3 promotion courses, where he received further training from some of the most experienced individuals in the fitness industry.


Chris served in the Australian Army for ten years, where he spent the first five in the airborne infantry, and the last five as a Special Forces operator. During that time, he completed one peacekeeping tour of Timor Leste in 2006 and three operational tours of Afghanistan in 2008, 2011, and 2013. Throughout his service, Chris was required to maintain an elite level of health and strength, which is where his real passion for fitness was ignited.


For Chris, being strong, fast, and fit was a necessity to survive on the battlefield in Afghanistan. When he returned to Australia in 2013, he realised how many others needed help with their personal fitness levels just to make it through the battlefield of everyday living. Chris saw people living in constant pain, much of which could be alleviated with the right exercise program, as well as huge numbers of people being held back by their fitness level, unable to participate in such basic activities as playing sports with their kids or enjoying a walk with their loved ones. After seeing how many everyday activities were too difficult to some to complete, Chris decided to be part of the solution and began his study to become a health and fitness professional.