“The Pack” Outdoor Gym is a unique and all-inclusive group fitness class that brings your favorite high intensity workouts to the great outdoors.  It was created and designed by a New York City fitness and lifestyle expert—Sebastian Morel-Ferreira—who saw a need for an outdoor fitness class that could provide something more than just traditional body weight exercises and drills.  As a result, he created “The Pack”—the only outdoor group fitness class in the metropolitan area that combines everything you love about indoor group fitness classes—like weights, kettlebells, and battle ropes—with everything you love about being outdoors.  This highly personalized workout program incorporates constantly varied high-intensity functional movements with outdoor sports conditioning and light strength training to deliver a challenging but fun workout with lasting results.

When you decide to join “The Pack,” you are making a choice that will change your life.  Regardless of fitness level or athletic ability, our classes can be modified and scaled in both intensity and difficulty to provide everyone with a challenging and fun experience.  Take a step in the right direction and join “The Pack” today!